Abstraction at NN Contemporary Project Space


Jessica Adams, Karl Frandsen, Ruby Satchell, Alexander Small, Sarah Throsby, Nour Zantah, Kayleigh Zara.


The Falls - Autumn Exhibition @ The Artist Sanctuary

The Falls 
The Artist Sanctuary Autumn Show

Jonathan Alibone
Simon Baird
Terry Bolton
Martin Brannon-Nightingale
Clare Carney
Alice Frost
Julia Harrold
Mark McMurdie
Kerry Sage
Alexander Small
Andy Stenhouse

Evening view Thursday 6-9pm

Opening Times
Friday 10th 11am-4pm
Saturday 11th 11am-4pm
Sunday 12th 11am-4pm
Thursday 16th 11am-4pm
Friday 17th 11am-4pm
Saturday 18th 11am-4pm
Sunday 19th 11am-4pm

Image: Julia Harrold 

InCase Curation Project and InCase:1

InCase.1 Radiant Opacity

Ikran Abdille | Jonathan Alibone | Luke Harby | Sayed Sattar Hasan | Rachael House | Danielle Smith curated by Alexander Small