Noble Lyfe Tee Shirt available for a limited time

Screen printed tee shirt 'hot pink' design on grey tee shirt. Based on an image from an early modern/late medieval book showing different aspects of life of animals and people.

From a series of work representing woodcut print images as paintings relating to ideas of the trickster, the carnivalesque and representations of transgression.

Available here

Puck Tote Bag now available

Screen printed one side tote bag with Puck design. This image is from a woodcut and appears in several of my paintings representing an English version of the archetypal Trickster character a boundary crosser and mischief maker.

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Work In Progress Group at NN Contemporary

Photo courtesy of Avenue Gallery 

For artists by artists, WiP is led by artist Sayed Sattar Hasan and starts with one or two featured artist presentations before opening the conversation out to a regular peer critique. I was asked to present my recent installation 'Immanence of the Screen' from the print fellowship project at the University of Northampton #printfellows

Photo courtesy of Luke Harby

In Defence of the Poor Image Exhibition

Immanence of the Screen 2017

Immanence of the Screen 2017