Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy By Barbara Ehrenreich

This book is excellent I recommend it to any one who wishes to know what has gone wrong with our society in the last four hundred years, its an amazing insight!


I Saw A Dream - New Video

Many Bollywood narratives are about the ups and downs of love and sentimentalism and longing play intricate parts in these stories.

Silsilia's plot is about true love winning through adversity and chance this song in particular talks about a chain of events and true love being the purpose of these events.

The disruption to the narrative caused by this mal function of the technology is the birth of the tragic.

The end of this narrative and illusion and entering into the space of the now and dis illusion.

This moment is a break, a space normally determined as a fail, upset or mistake, but really this is only a fail in this illusion, a moment of clarity to contemplate 'reality'.

This disruption happens to be beautiful.