Trans-States Conference

The Trans-States conference took place last week an awesome event and a great way to show work transdisciplinary in the accompanying exhibition! There was a full programme of speakers and performances with the keynote speakers being Dr Richard Kaczynski, Dr Marco Pasi, Patricia MacCormack and Alan Moore.

The accompanying exhibition also had work from Cavan McLaughlin, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Sara Hannant, Carlos Ruiz Brussain and Sasha Chaitow.

Enlightenment Blind 2016

Enlightenment Blind 2016


A Thousand Pent Passions 2015

A Thousand Pent Passions 2015 from Alexander Small on Vimeo.

One from the archive a short version of this traumatic video 'A Thousand Spent Passions' I made last year, some of you may remember it from the 'P/ss/ng into the Wind' exhibition. Jonathan Alibone pointed out a nice quote from the book Forests: The Shadow of Civilization by Robert Pogue Harrison which reminded me of this piece.

'All becomes indefinite in the Dionysian frenzy, for Dionysus [...] liquidates the boundaries of form.' 

Photo by Jonathan Alibone

Trans-States Conference Sells Out and Full Programme

Part of the #transvex Kick Starter is to show some work at the Trans-States Conference. The work has now been delivered and the install is this week for the conference on 9th and 10th September.

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The full programme for the event is now available on the website here.

The exhibition has been curated by Stefan Gant and the conference has now sold out.