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Investing in Art at the Source
We represent work by over 250 carefully selected British contemporary artists. At any one time, the site hosts over 3,000 works, including
contemporary paintings, limited edition prints, drawings, photographs, mixed media and sculpture pieces.

Buy Art with Confidence
We offer a 14 day money-back guarantee on all work, payments are made securely online or by cheque, and we can deliver anywhere in the world.

The Benefit of Buying Direct
We have much lower overheads than traditional galleries which means that you pay a fair price that isn't artificially inflated and more goes to the artist from every sale.

About Art Source

The Artsource was set up in by Colin Mansell and Catherine Higgs 2005 as a new channel to make the highest quality contemporary art available to art buyers directly, with a choice of thousands of pieces by some of the best artists in the UK.

The principle behind the agency is to be the smarter alternative to traditional galleries, which fail to give either artists or buyers a fair deal, charging commissions of up to 60%, and artificially inflating prices.

We also set out to do business differently, supporting the artist as well as Mécins sans Frontiès who receive 25% of all profits, and selling to the buyer at a fair and reasonable price that is set by the artist, not us.

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