Future Map 11: Camberwell Snapshot

The Camberwell Future Map 11 nominees have been announced on Camberwell Snapshot, the Camberwell College of Arts graduates included this year as well as myself are:
  • Geoff Bartholomew – BA Photography
  • Martha Lewis – BA Painting
  • Joanna Mires – BA Ceramics
  • Alexander Small – MA Fine Art
  • Chieh-Ting Huang – MA Designer Maker
  • Karin Soderquist – BA Illustration

Alexander Small - MA Fine Art


Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints are now available from our collectors page!

The prints are all archive quality inks printed on somerset enhanced velvet 225gsm paper and each print is signed, stamped and numbered by the artist.

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Prints take up to 10 days to be prepared and delivered.

(All water marks are for display purposes only and will not appear on the actual print).


Selected for Future Map 11

The video piece 'Trooping the Other' has been selected for the Future Map 11 exhibition taking place in January 2012 at the Zabludowicz Collection!

The full list of artists involved can be found here


GLI.TC/H 20111 @ Vivid Birmingham

We attended the GLI.TC/H 20111 Festival at Vivid (an excellent art space) in Birmingham and saw some great art, workshops, screenings and talks. The Glitch Art 'movement' and Glitch aesthetics are a very important phenomenon being visible in many art forms. Glitch is the new media and digital term for a very old technique long live the wrong ones.

Check out the GLI.TC/H 20111 READER[ROR] available as a PDF here



Here's the work 'I Saw A Dream' 2010 that could be viewed as Glitch Art


Carbon Essence Blot Prints Now Available on Imagekind

Carbon Essence Blot Prints now available on the Imagekind website. Many options are available including framed prints and canvases.


Disturbing Laughter with Who's Jack

The installation 'Micky Bliss' receives a brief mention in Octobers edition of 'Who's Jack' magazine in the Young & Talented section! (issue 53 page 78)


MA Fine Art Show Camberwell

'Trooping the Other' Video Projection 2011

The show is now open!

Private View: Tuesday 6 September 2011 / 18.00 – 21.00
Open to public: Friday 2 September – Thursday 8 September (closed Sunday 4 September)
Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 20.00 / Saturday: 11.00 – 17.00

New work including video projection 'Trooping the Other' sound installation 'Micky Bliss' and sound piece, 'Swarm, a Thousands Voices'.

Full details of all artists and events can be found here


Live Exhibition Stream


New Products on Society6!


'Tragedy is Dionysian impulse discharging itself in Apollonian imagery'

'Each dimension will then play into the other, as dream-world and intoxication merge and begin to speak each other’s language, beauty or the Apollonian rescuing the Dionysian from pure amorphousness, and the Dionysian redeeming the Apollonian from the dead-end of sheer vacuous form. Tragedy is Dionysian impulse discharging itself in Apollonian imagery'.

Sweet Violence: The Idea of the Tragic by Terry Eagleton


Carbon Essence Collider Prints Now Available on Imagekind

Carbon Essence Collider Prints now available on the Imagekind website. Many options are available including framed prints and canvases. Take a look via the image below.


The Artist's Joke, edited by Jennifer Higgie

The Artist's Joke, edited by Jennifer Higgie is one of a series documenting major themes and ideas in contemporary art, its well funny, its a good laugh, well for art theory it is.

Favourite quote:

'Goofing-off requires developing a fine-tuned sense of what it means to pause long enough and distance oneself far enough from worldly objects and events to recognise their illusory dimension and thereby reinvest the world with wonder. In order to really goof-off well, the instrumental sense of purpose deeply ingrained in Western ego and epistemology must be abandoned.'

Fluxus Performance and humour 1995
Kristine Stiles


New Video Work - Slow Clap (Scorn 1) and Slow Clap (Scorn 2)

Slow Clap (Scorn 1) and Slow Clap (Scorn 2) works with the idea of repetition and the absurd, to applaud the viewer for watching the piece becomes the audience and the audience the performer. To slow clap is a critical act of disdain but the nature of this slow clap has an immensity of its own.


Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy By Barbara Ehrenreich

This book is excellent I recommend it to any one who wishes to know what has gone wrong with our society in the last four hundred years, its an amazing insight!


I Saw A Dream - New Video

Many Bollywood narratives are about the ups and downs of love and sentimentalism and longing play intricate parts in these stories.

Silsilia's plot is about true love winning through adversity and chance this song in particular talks about a chain of events and true love being the purpose of these events.

The disruption to the narrative caused by this mal function of the technology is the birth of the tragic.

The end of this narrative and illusion and entering into the space of the now and dis illusion.

This moment is a break, a space normally determined as a fail, upset or mistake, but really this is only a fail in this illusion, a moment of clarity to contemplate 'reality'.

This disruption happens to be beautiful.