15x15x15 Exhibition Avenue Gallery University of Northampton

We currently have six prints available in the 15x15x15 exhibition at Avenue Gallery, University of Northampton.

Idle Hands... Exhibition and Catalogue

Excellent turn out for the opening night and MERRIN's performance (see video below) the exhibition included 23 wall based works, a sound installation in the gallery spreading out to the stair way, a dedicated video room showing a show reel of 10 video works and another projector showing the same reel in the main gallery.

A catalogue of the exhibition is also available from blurb and published by Gallery Six with generous help from the Juliet Gomperts Trust.

MERRIN received critical acclaim from the gallery audience proving the contemplative elements of the soundscapes work perfectly in a gallery setting. We look forward to a solo show by MERRIN in 2013! 


Idle Hands...

11 October - 11 November 2012

Opening 11th October 6pm - 9pm

at The Artist Sanctuary, 2 Clare Street, Northampton NN1 3JF

An exhibition of recent work by Alexander Small, showing some previously unseen work in Northampton for the first time.The private view will include a unique performance from Doom Lord MERRIN.





Artefacts of Failure - Quad Derby

We will be showing our new book 'What You Could Have Won' from Articulating History at the 'Artefacts of Failure' exhibition at the Quad in Derby. The exhibition explores failure as an unavoidable part of any artistic practice and celebrates all the projects that never made it.

The exhibition runs from Friday 27th July to Sunday 7th October



Past and Present at Occupy My Time Gallery





The first opening show for OCCUPY MY TIME GALLERY will be Past and Present showcasing an exciting group exhibition.

Opening 15th June, 6-9.30pm + afterparty
Exhibition continues to the 15th July.


PAST AND PRESENT 2012 explores the celebration of freedom, where judgment is not judgmental. It explores a new direction away from the everyday bombardment of the mundane. Using the dictionary definition of PAST AND PRESENT and using Egg’s 1858 interpretation artists have been invited to make work that explores our endurance fortitude and resilience for our existence.
In the painting Past and Present, No. 3 1858 by Augustus Leopold Egg 1816-1863set under the Adelphi arches, by the River Thames. . The woman shelters a young child, the result of her affair. The posters behind her advertise two plays – Victims and The Cure for Love – and ‘Pleasure excursions to Paris’. These are ironic comments on her situation. This is a social moralist series of paintings but it is left to the viewer to decide whether the woman is to be pitied or condemned. The Art Journal described them as ‘the lowest of all the profound deeps of human abandonment in this metropolis’
Shona Davis and Dave Monaghan Andy Wicks, Mark Bell, Leanne Bell Gonczarow, Ian Gonczarow, Jonathan Alibone, Alexander Small,
Marianne Walker, Bea Denton, Patrick Stpaul, Jessica Piddock, Owen Bowden, Maslen and Mehra, Greg Rook, Alessando Columbano and Sophie Hamer, Annabel Tilley, Raimi Gbadamosi, Sara Bevan, Barbara Dean and Sue Cohen.

Opening Events: Sound Artists: Thomas Cohen(S.C.U.M) Performance Barbara Dean. Fabulous fantasy cakes supplied by Kitsch in Sync.

OCCUPY MY TIME was founded in 2006 by Sue Cohen an artist, curator and educator. This will be the first permanent Gallery space for OCCUPY MY TIME which has been presenting exciting and intriguing visual arts events in interesting spaces. These spaces were often outside the traditional gallery space and interacted directly with the audience through its choice of fascinating environments.

Enclave Unit 9 Resolution Way Deptford SE8 4NT
Opening Times:
OCCUPY MY TIME GALLERY is part of Last Fridays, SLAM, South London Art Tours.
Please go to www.occupymytime.co.uk for details of all previous OCCUPY MY TIME events.
For press and further details please contact: Sue Cohen suecohen@ntlworld.com or occupymytimearts@hotmail.com
OCCUPY MY TIME will share this unique building with Enclave. www.enclaveprojects.com


Electric Picture House - Picture Postcard Show

Upcoming Exhibition!

Picture Postcard Show
Electric Picture House

9th June to 23rd June 2012

Cross Street 
CW12 1HQ



code500 EP Cover

We recently licensed some art work for the awesome band code500 and their new EP 'Red Flag'.

Check them out here

We used the painting Carbon Essence Drawing 21 for the cover and we also took the photographs. The package was put together by Paul Foreman.


AIR Mini Residency

I recently completed the AIR Mini Residency in Archway, north London, which was an intensive two week residency leading to a public art proposal. The programme included visits from and the chance to meet Ruth EwanAlan Kane, Claire Doherty from Situations and Rachel Anderson from Artangel.

A significant part of London for anyone from the 'North' it was interesting to find a cultural link with another Northamptonian Alan Moore and 'The Highbury Working, A Beat Séance'.

I completed two new pieces during the residency a collaborative work with Oliver Cronk and Serra Tansel entitled 'A Long Wait' and a sound piece entitled 'Sub Pylon'. The final proposal was for an exploratory sound event entitled 'Under Sound'.


Surface Gallery - The International Postcard Show 2012

Surface Gallery


We are showing the piece 'False Economies 2' (2012) in this exhibition at the Surface Gallery in Nottingham running from the 25th January - 11th February 2012.


Jotta - Future Map 11 Feature


Working with a range of media systems including drawing, installation, sculpture, sound and video Camberwell graduate Alexander Small examines ideas of the Dyonisian and the Absurd....


Creative BOOM - Future Map 11

Future Map 11 coverage in Creative Boom

Creative Boom Logo

Future Map 11, London’s pre-eminent exhibition of University of the Arts London’s best recent graduates selected from the 2011 degree shows, brings together thirty artists and designers destined to define our visual landscape.......