London Exhibition Squares up to the US & New Art Work

New Art Work in 100sqft exhibition

London Exhibition Squares up to the US

The first international 100sqft art exhibition will launch in New Orleans on October 23rd 2010 and show in London from the 27th November. The exhibition, curated by Leytonstone artist Carne Griffiths, brings together an eclectic range of work from 100 British and American artists.

100sqft is an exhibition which aims to distinguish itself from other art exhibitions by being completely non discriminatory, there are no submission restrictions except that this size of the work must be 1sqft and entries are encouraged from artists with no formal training.

Artwork is displayed in a 10'x10' grid formation and each artists chooses where they want to place their work in the grid on the 100sqft website. Joining the exhibition is as easy as sending in a 1000 pixel square image of the work via email, then delivering the original in time for the gallery launch. This simple but innovative process brings together a diverse range of work – be it digital prints, mixed media collages, oil-paintings or low-relief sculptures – with each square commanding its own visual presence, and the 10-foot high grid an impactful whole. 

This 100sqft Exhibition will form part of Arts After Dark, an evening event celebrating the rebirth and creative vitality of New Orleans including the work of thirteen exciting artists from the UK and USA and music .
From the UK; Dan Baldwin, Carne Griffiths, Colin Hampden-White, Rob Reed and Shruti Thaker.
From the USA; Dave Greber, Viorel Hodre, Steve Martin, George McClements, Valorie Polmer, Aaron Reichert, Thomas Williams and Luba Zygarewicz. 

With just 10 places left for New Orleans artists to claim in the 100sqft grid there are rumours of last minute involvement from Nola Rising artist Rex Dingler ….we might even see the appearance of the Gray Ghost, notorious for his over-painting of graffiti artists' work.

Exhibition Dates & Times
100sqft New Orleans / Arts After Dark – ArtEgg Studios
Launches Saturday October 23 from 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Exhibition open: October 24 – 29, 6:30 pm – 9 pm or by appointment.

100sqft London – Cholmeley Boys Club, Dalston
Launches Saturday 27th November 7pm -2am
Exhibition open: November 28 – Dec 2, 2pm - 8pm

100sqft Contact Carne Griffiths
art@100sqft.co.uk T: +44 208 9266440 / M: 07881 654657
29a Forest Drive East, Leytonstone London E11 1JX
For images of previous events artwork from current show and logos download www.100sqft.co.uk/press.htm

Arts After Dark
In the wake of the devastating floods wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans has recovered. Arts After Dark is a celebration of rebirth and new vitality. A city with incredibly diverse cultural heritage, it seems only right that art play a role in the regeneration. Artists use light in the most stunningly inventive ways. New Orleans, of course, was plunged into a kind of post-Katrina darkness for many months. Arts After Dark will showcase the vibrant colors and dynamism that are uniquely New Orleans. The show, as its name suggests, will take place once the sun has set. We hope the dusky tones will be a positive contributor to the canvases and artworks to let imaginations paint a brighter future for a rejuvenated city.

Arts After Dark Curators: Adriana Fabian and Carne Griffiths, assisted by James Qualls.
Info: Esther R. Dyer, ArtEgg Studios 917.971.4886
arteggstudios@aol.com or ArtsAfterDark 503.4.ArtEgg. Onsite contact: Ashley Boudreaux 504.710.9128. ArtEgg is located at 1001 S. Broad Street, New Orleans near the Times Picayune. Look for the Everybody Loves a Good Egg sign.

Open Studios from ArtEgg artists during Arts After Dark include Jane Drew, Latigid Studios, Deedra Ludwig, Dave Rodrigue, Wade Shields, Jane Talton, Julie Wallace, Winn Studios, and the Director’s collection of African arts, ethnographic jewellery and work from selected international artists.

100sqft Artists
dARTh, Cos Ahmet, Jonathan Alibone, Soraia Almeida, Laura Ana Maria Iosifescu, Domingo Arjonilla, Leora Armstrong, Anastasia  Belova, Neil Benjamin, Mark Burton, Martine Charalambou, Pamela Conway Caruso, Sarah Crew, Ian Croft, Anna Cunningham, Lei Curtis, Vinita Davé, Bryce Dishongh, Anton Dolders, Jan  Drury, Christopher Eyles, Adriana Fabin, Abby Faulkner, Madeleine Faust, Karlie Gartner, Roxane Grant,  Rupert Greyling, Carne Griffiths, Claire Griffiths, Spencer Gunn, Jedd Haas, Majella Hallissey, Georgina Haly, Colin Hampden White, Jay Heron, Tara Herrington, Rachel I'Anson, Kerry Jessica Brown, Asmi Kazmi, Shannon Kelley, Julia Kerrison, Natalie Keymist, Emily Kirby, Chris Kirby, Aleksejs   Konahins, Amanda Lawson, Danielle Leach, Vanessa Lee, Diane Lees, Wendy MacMillan, Yasmin Maria Khan, Aimee Marshall, Ravi Menghani, Aurelia Milach, Gareth Morgan, Ange Mukeza, Brian Nolan, Maurice O'Hara, Ben Oakley, Lulu Parent, Britney Penouilh, Natasha Pinnock, Leigh Pleva, Rachel Rainbow, Rob Reed, Aaron Reichert, Belle  Robinson, Milan  Rubio, Jane Rutterford, Rabhia Saeeda, Steve Savage, Alke Schmidt, Jae Dee Scott, Jenna Sharpe, Carlita Shaw Montross, Emma Simmons, Anna Skodbo, Alexander Small, Megan Sperry, Jenny Steele, Austin Taylor, Shruti Thaker, Peter Tinkler, Gisela Torres, Mayou Trikerioti, João  Trindade,  Lucy Wragg, Alisha Young.

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